#Hashtag Printer Photo Booth Hire

Our beautiful, modern-style #hashtag Printer is handcrafted locally and adds a level of class to every kind of event. This technologic beauty takes #Hashtag printing to the next level, not only by letting your guests to view and print their pictures, but also to display media content in its massive 24-inch high-resolution side panel. Ads, real-time slideshows, animations, you name it, this baby can handle it all. This printing station ensures one thing: you and your guests will have a fantastic time with it.



Interactive touch screen

Our custom touchscreen interface makes it easy for guests to use the #Hashtag station, it allows people to see the pictures they have taken, print them, and share them via email. Our event attendants are right there to assist with any session should guests need help, but we’ve made it so simple, people love using it themselves!

Gorgeous Prints

By using professional printers, we are able to reproduce the highest quality pictures for our guests.

#Hashtag Station FAQ’s

Users can print as many Instagram and Twitter photos as they like for the time that you have hired the #Hashtag station. We do charge a little extra if you wish to allow users to do ‘re-prints’ on demand.
The photos print out as standard 6″×4″ prints.

Accounts need to be set to Public in order to work.

You don’t need a ‘special’ hashtag, but you do should use a unique one.

Remember that anytime anyone anywhere (in the world) uses the hashtag, the photo will print at the event.

So, instead of using something like: #ourevent you should try something like #liveshotukeventparty

You can always see if a hashtag is being used (or at all). And if you are not sure, ask us and we will help you.

Absolutely! The outside of the #Hashtag station can affix your branding to get that special touch.
We can’t do it once they have been taken and posted.

We can, however, remove them so they cannot be re-printed from the #Hashtag station, or appear in the live slideshow.


We bring along our own internet connection. But it’s recommended to have wifi at your event’s venue for a smoother performance.


In fact, we believe it is a game changer for your event. People love seeing their Instagram photos appear on the big screen in real time. The live slideshow can be also completely branded.

But we do charge a little extra to set all this up (some black magic involved), and we just need you to provide the projection equipment.

Of course! The prints can be completely customised with your own unique design or brand.