Live Shot Amazing Photo Booth Hire

Our beautiful, modern photo booths add a level of class to every kind of event. Our awesome backdrops, well-designed prints, fun props, and engaging photo booth pros ensure one thing: you and your guests will have an incredible time with Live Shot.



Here’s a list of features available with any of our photo booth rental experiences.

Interactive touch screen

Our custom touchscreen interface makes it easy for guests to use the booth and our Live View allows people to see themselves in real-time as they pose and get ready for the photo. Our event attendants are right there to assist with any session should guests need help, but we’ve made it so simple, people love using it themselves! Keyword

Gorgeous Images

By using professional camera and lighting equipment, custom edits, and years of photographic experience, we’ve perfected the art of taking photo booth images. As a result, Live Shot photos are the best looking photo booth images you’ll ever take, and we hear, regularly, that our pictures make people feel incredible about the way they look! Keyword

Creative Print Templates

We have professional designers on our team who make sure each print template is exactly what our clients want when they book us for photo experiences that include printing. We will customize the logos, colors, and fonts of your favorite print template so that each event gets a print design that fits with its theme or brand perfectly. Keyword

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Beautiful Backdrops

Our backdrops are clean, minimal, and look great in any venue. While custom backdrops are an option for every event, we have four backdrop styles available at no additional cost to any client who books one of our photo experiences.


Edited Images

All the images from your event are professionally edited and uploaded to an online gallery within 24 hours. Not only do these photos look incredible, but we make them all available in hi-res, without our branding, for free to all your guests.


When you need your brand, theme, or logo to stand out, then custom or step and repeat backdrops are the perfect solution. We’ll use your graphic, logo, or image to design it, send you a proof, and then order it for you and bring it to the event.

Note: Our custom backdrops are 7ft x 7ft.